Fair Deal Marketing Hosts a Successful International Property and Trade Expo ‘22 in the UK

Fair Deal Marketing hosted a Property and Trade Expo ‘22 in London in collaboration with Park View City, which was attended by the Mayor, the Counselor, and several well-known celebrities. Abdul Aleem Khan, CEO of Vision Group, was the Chief Guest at the event.
Along with roadshows in Luton, Birmingham, and Manchester. The Expo provided opportunities for overseas Pakistanis to keep up with the latest developments in Pakistan and participate in the thriving real estate market.
The response was overwhelmingly positive, and it was warmly received by Pakistanis living abroad who wish to invest in their motherland.
Fair Deal Marketing and Park View City were appreciated for putting on such a fantastic show.
During the event, Ch. Abdul Rauf addressed the audience and praised Park View City for taking such a bold step in the real estate industry and providing Pakistan with excellent prospects. He also thanked the UK citizens for their passionate response, which helped make the event a big success, and hopes to host such events in the future too.