ParkView City | Features | Amenities | ParkView City Islamabad | ParkView City Lahore

ParkView City | Features | Amenities | ParkView City Islamabad | ParkView City Lahore


Parkview city is most eco Friendly housing society and unmatched facilities and immaculate vision in Lahore And Islamabad. Each block of the society is planned with a unique perspective and functionality to provide its residents with an exalting living.

Imax Cinema:

Park view City will be a paragon of luxury and entertainment. The cinemas with IMAX and 3 D technology will provide you with an unimaginable cinematic experience.

Commercial Walk:

Commercial zones including the biggest brands name in the retail will cater to all your needs while giving you an ultimate enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

The Walk, Park View City introduces a rare shopping experience in Pakistan.  It is the ideal place for potential investors to get a premium experience and exhibit your business. The Walk is nothing less than a foreign experience in your country.

Fair Deal Marketing presents The Walk, Pakistan's first commercial boulevard in Park View City Islamabad

The Walk offers shops and commercial spaces for you to invest in.

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Dancing Fountains:

Inspired by Dubai’s Dancing Fountain, now in Pakistan, you can get entertained at Park View City’s magnificent lake. A lake which is A Symphony of Nature and Artistry. Illuminated by a spectrum of colors, the fountain transforms the night into a canvas of vibrant hues. It's a breathtaking display that will leave you breathless.

Park & Zoo:

The zoos, parks and other fun activities are also included in the plan of the society to provide elements of enjoyment for all ages. Super Luxury & most spacious CDA Approved society in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Club and Community Centers:

The club and community center in the society will give a chance to the residents to enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor sports including bowling, swimming pools, snooker, cricket, tennis and golf.


A huge specially designed hospital will be constructed in the society to facilitate healthy issues with modern-day equipment and the latest technology


The incorporation of the best educational institutions will be set-up in the society offering the best curriculum in proximity to the residential blocks so they are easily accessible and at a minimum distance.

The Vision group has decided to establish the newest branch of the National School in Park View City which will operate under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation owned by the Vision Group among other well-known educational facilities.


To look after the religious values and significance of beautiful mosques will be part of this extraordinary housing scheme. Turkish Mosque and Masjid e Nabvi Like Masjid built in Parkview City Islamabad.

Gated Community:

Park view City is a secure and fully gated neighbourhood surrounded by a boundary wall covering all the premises of the project. The neighbouring societies of Park View are not entirely covered this extensively while this society has even barricaded the side that is nearby the national forest area.

24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water:

Availability of electricity, water and gas is precedence in park view Islamabad and will be supplied in all parts of the society 24 hrs. Park View City is superior to the remaining societies in the region as it is naturally blessed with natural resources among these the presence of underground water is of utmost importance.

The water is available at only under 50 feet of the ground and Gumrah River passing through its region also ensures a sufficient supply of water in the society.

The plan of each house in the society includes having an underground built water storage tanker to store the abundance of rainwater received in the area. The society also has a plan in motion to build its own Dam for collection and usage of the water, the work on this dam has already commenced in the society.

Load Shedding Free Zone:

To make the society a load-shedding free zone the construction work commenced on the water dam will also include an electric power plant in order to ensure the abundance of electric supply in the society.

Underground Supply of Electricity:

All the electric work in the society is planned underground to control the Power outages Underground wires are much safer and make an aesthetically pleasing feature in the society.

24/7 Surveillance:

Society takes the security of its residents very seriously and ensures that a network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout society.

Modern Infrastructure And Elegant Housing Plan:

Taking advantage of the lush green natural surroundings of Park View City Islamabad, this project promises to be one the landmarks in the making, High-rise buildings, modern infrastructure and its elegant housing plan will add to its appeal.

State-Of-Art Development:

With the greatest craftsmanship and the most majestic development, Park View city will be a landmark of modern civilization in Pakistan. Fast and Speedy Development in Pakistan.

Park View City Apartments:

With the incorporation of park view city apartments in the society not only will the residents enjoy an upscale modern life but also raise a standard of living. These luxury apartments will be fully equipped with a fitness center, swimming pools, laundry facilities, convenience store and much more on the premises of these apartments.

Botanical Garden:

A Botanical Garden in the midst of Park View housing society makes it superior to other societies in its region. Not only will this Botanical Garden enhance the natural beauty of the project but will also increase add to the fertility of its soil.

The greenhouse will incorporate a huge assortment of plants, garden herbs and unique plants from around the globe. There will be nurseries and greenhouses to grow and cultivate extraordinary tropical plants and flowers in the society. An organic food market will also be formed in the society to provide organic fruits and vegetables so the occupants of this society can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Park View City Islamabad where nature and luxury lives together. it is the best time to invest and get the maximum benefit. Parkview City is Super Luxury & most spacious CDA Approved society in Islamabad, Pakistan

For details and bookings, call us:

UAN 051 111 050 106

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